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Why photographers like waterfalls

You bought your first camera and started being involved in the world of photos. One of the first thing you might be noticed, the interesting photos of running water. It can be brooks, waterfalls, rivers...

But the water in them looks unusual, soft and silky. At first sight, it is difficult to understand whether it is in a special light or type of water or maybe this photo was processed by a photo editor.

In fact, everything is much simpler: the author of the photo has changed the shutter speed setting and the picture has gained a new character.

These are photos of the same place in the English Garden of Munich (Germany) made by different shutter speed.

Short shutter speed:

Short shutter speed

Long shutter speed:

Long shutter speed

So why are photographers so fond of shooting waterfalls?

First, it's impressive. Here you can emphasize the beauty of water in its various manifestations. It can be a waterfall in which every drop is visible (especially great when the water is crystal clear)

Secondly, it's easy. No additional editors are needed to take two pictures of different and at the same time interesting and distinctive ones.

Thirdly, this is unusual. The human eye cannot make "long shutter speed" and observe the "silky" nature of the waterfall. That's why, at first unsophisticated glance, seems that the photo was processed in the editor and this does not happen in nature.

And finally a photo album with pictures of waterfalls: