Photo-Pick App Features

Application features

Private by default

Photos and documents are the most important aspect of personal safety. That is why Photo-Pick focuses on the safety and security of user data...

Private by default...

Photos and album management

Photo-Pick provides full range of tools to handle online photo albums. It is enough to click one button and upload photos in order to create new album. This album can be renamed, moved to a folder or merged.

But the main point is to introduce photo album to others; or invite persons to let them pick the photos. Author of album will be notified by email and can find the actions have been done with album in history of album.

Photos and album management...

History and tracking of albums

Each album has information when it was opened, how many items it has, who is invited (in case an invitation was sent), how many times was opened by link (in case a link was created).

In history of album you can track and see events related to this album. Information about who and when opened the album and picked the photos.

Every time your invited person picks the photos, you'll get notification mail about picked photos and person.

History and tracking of albums...

Unlimited online photo albums

The Photo-Pick service offers an unlimited number of albums per month for everyone. Even a FREE user can create and delete any number of albums...

Unlimited online photo albums...

Teams functionality

If you have a company, family, friends, coworkers, colleagues or other people you are in touch, you can use our Teams functionality in order to share and edit online photo albums and documents...

Teams functionality...

Application branding

You can brand the Photo-Pick application. For example, change the logo of application and adjust email branding.

Thus, if invited person opens an album belongs to you, will see not 'Photo-Pick' logo, but logo with your name or with name of your company.

Your invitation emails can have your own logo too.

Application and email branding...

Photo album features

Photo album preferences

Customize an album the way best suited for current purpose.

Photos can have additional information such as numeration, image name, amount of likes. And be with or without like signs.

Photo album preferences...

Custom album themes

The Photo-Pick app gives you the ability to create your own online photo album theme and reuse it in the future.
A theme refers to the background color, background image, background image position, and text color (such as numbering and image titles).

Your own custom album themes

Different types of likes

In case of different situation, different likes can be used: Likes Thumb Up & Down, Lovely, Print and Basket are suitable for different situation.

For example, if you want a client picks photos to print, you can set 'Print' as like definition. And say to your customer: "Just pick the images you like, I'll print them for you!". And, of course, you will be notified about photos were picked.

Photo album like (pick) types...

Photo type and sizes

Upload any image type and sizes to Photo-Pick. They will be resized to the best quality size for web.

Here are advantages for you: photos are resized for web and only you have originals; photos are presented best way for web - well enough to view and best for loading speed.

Photo type and sizes...

Photo loading

If album has many photos, they will be loaded not at the same time, but 'lazy' - only if user scroll for them.

This approach is used to have faster response time and traffic 'on demand' only.

Lazy loading for images of online photo album...