Demo Photo-Pick Albums

Photo-Pick service provides you the ability to have album gallery without any dependencies such as JavaScript plugin and CSS library. Your photos will be supported in all browsers; desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.




Examples of online photo albums

Here you can find some examples of photo albums. To use photo album on a website you don't need any JavaScript Plugins or CSS libraries. All you need is to upload photos to Photo-Pick; customize album to your wishes and get the share link. The images can be viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. It saves your time - you don't need to care about the presentation of your photos, space for them or other technical staff. The examples below are presenting only some of the capabilities to customize online photo albums.


Like and Dislike

Has like and dislike options with counting; names and enumeration of images.


Lovely sign only

Has lovely as a like sign. But can be any of other: Thumb Up or Down, Print, Basket or None.


Only your photos

Album has only photos and enumeration. You can show only your images.


Own Logo

Has own logo. Can have any logo and description of album.


Branded Album

Adjusted in order to have custom view.


Described Photos

Position and describe pictures of online photo album.

Request name of person who opens album

If you want to know the names of the people who opened your album, you can select this option for any link of album. If the system does not know the name of the person, then before showing the album, a dialog will open where the person can enter the name.

Link example:

Tip: Great for picking photos with different numbers of people.

Example with redirect

A link, if you need to redirect the user back to the previous page. This kind of link is useful for websites: user clicks the link or image; looks at photos, after that, is redirected back to the website.

As an alternative, you can redirect the user to the given URL. You can adjust everything at your Photo-Pick account.

Link example:

HTML code example:
<a href="">
    <img src=""/>

Tip: Best suited for websites, blogs, vlogs, social media, etc.

Example with completion page

All examples above were like 'Back' button behavior: if user finished viewing the album and submitted it - redirection back occurs. Now another way of behavior: after finishing picking images of album and clicking 'done', the user gets completion page.

You can just get the link from Photo-Pick account and share with anybody you want. Here is one example:

HTML code example:
<a href="">
    <img src=""/>

Tip: Useful in case of sharing link for known users!

Example with contact page

After user finishes picking images of album, the user can leave contact information.

You can just get the link from Photo-Pick account and share with anybody you want. Here is one example:

HTML code example:
<a href="">
    <img src=""/>

Tip: Use this kind of link if you have many pickers and want to know who picked!

Links format

The Link has following template:
Where YOUR_LINK_ID is ID link of your album and ACTION_AFTER_VIEWING is the mode of behavior after viewing of the album.

The ACTION_AFTER_VIEWING can have following values:

back - redirect user to previous page (default)
done - show completion page
ask - show user the page to enter contact information