How To Create Online Photo Album

Create photo album and share links

Photo-Pick gives ability just with some clicks upload photos and share by means of links.

Each album can have different link types. You can share link using any kind of messenger: just as a text message or provide it as a link on website or social network (see web integration below).

How to create a photo album and share it...

Invite via Photo-Pick Email service

The Photo-Pick provides integrated email service. You can invite person to view and pick photos directly from Photo-Pick. You need to know email addresses only.

An invited person gets email and picks images online. You'll receive email notification and information in the application.

How to invite people to an album via Email...

Integrate photo album into the web

Photo-Pick takes care about the way how to present photos on your website. Just upload photos to Photo-Pick and put the link to your website or blog.

The person can be redirected back to the previous page or to any web address.

In the Photo-Pick settings you can put your website logo, thus for every user, it looks like your own website.

How to use photo albums for website, blog or social media...