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Photo-Pick application and email branding

The Photo-Pick application provides an ability to replace all Photo-Pick brand attributes. Thus, the end user will get a photo album adjusted for your own identity standards. Following brand attributes and identity standards can be changed in order to provide own branding:
- Photo album with own logo (instead of the regularly Photo-Pick logo).
- Choose own color of header line for albums.
- Own email logo for invitation emails.
- Custom 'From' name for invitation emails.
- 'CC' of email for completed and viewed albums.
- Email footer text (For example, slogan or another information).

To change it, login in the Photo-Pick, click on the username in the header, settings, user menu.

To change brand attributes for albums use Albums tab.

Albums Settings

Use Emails tab in order to change brand attributes for emails.

Emails Settings

And as an example of customized photo album of one from Photo-Pick users:

Example of Photo-Pick integration