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Photo album like (pick) types

Author of photo album selects like (pick) type best suited for photo album and current purpose. The author opens the album and selects like type in album preferences.

Different types of image pick types

There are different pick types:
- Thumb Up & Down - in case the author wants to know not only liked pictures but disliked too.
- Thumb Up only - shows 'thumb up' as the like sign.
- Lovely - a heart as the like sign.
- Print - a printer as the pick sign. Useful if an author needs to know which pictures invited person wants to have printed.
- Basket - a basket as the choose sign.
- Checkbox - a checkbox as the pick sign. A user selects photos with a check mark.
- None - The like functionality will be disabled and hidden from an invited user. Useful in case the author of album wants only present photos.

The option 'Show likes count' can be enabled in addition to the like sign. It shows how many times was liked or disliked a certain image. Note, it will be hidden if the selected pick type is 'None'.