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Stats and tracking of photo albums

The Photo-Pick platform allows you to track every action on your photo album: when the album was created; who was invited; who viewed the album; how many times the album was opened via the link; what images were picked.

The 'Album History' information window can be opened by clicking 'History'.

Photo-pick menu buttons of an album

Please note that only the author of the album can see this information.

Photo-Pick dialog history

The dialog contains the following information:
- EVENT - the type of action was performed. For example, create an album, open an album, send an invitation, etc.
- USER - this will be the username or email address or the generated user id if the user is not identified.
- TIME - the time the action took place. The time zone and date format can be changed in the user settings.
- IP ADDRESS - IP address of the user who performed the action.

If a link to an album has been created and the album has been opened from the link, then the album overview will show how many times the album has been opened from the link.

Each time the invitee selects images from an album, the album author receives an email notification that the images have been picked.