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Stats and tracking of photo albums

The Photo-Pick platform provides the ability to track each action was done with photo album: when an album was created; who was invited; who viewed the album; how many times album was opened by the link; which images were picked.

The 'Album History' information window can be opened in the 'History' drop-down menu of each album.

Photo-pick menu buttons of an album

Note, only the author of the album can see this information.

Photo-Pick dialog history

The dialog contains the following information:
- EVENT - the type action was done. For example, create album, open album, invitation sent etc.
- USER - here will be a username or email or generated user ID if the user is not identified.
- TIME - the time when the action was done. The timezone and date format can be changed in user settings.
- IP ADDRESS - IP Address of user made the action.

If a link to an album was created and the album was opened by the link, information how many times album was opened by the link will be presented in the albums overview.

Each time an invited person pick the album images, author of the album gets an email notification about images were picked.