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If you have family, company, friends, coworkers, colleges or other people you are in touch, you can use our Teams functionality in order to share and edit online photo albums and documents.

You can create a Team, add people, and view and edit team albums. These albums will be available to those on the team. Each team member can edit team albums.

One PRO user is enough to create a team. All other team members need to have a FREE account at least. Each PRO user can create an unlimited number of teams. Each team member can be ADMIN or MEMBER: ADMIN has the right to manage team members and albums; MEMBER can only manage albums.

When a new member is added, an automatic invitation is sent. The functionality of the team is fully equipped with all the necessary means of notification: email when adding a user to a team, email when adding an album to a team; notifications within the account.

Photo-Pick Teams! A convenient tool for working with online photo albums and documents in any team!