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7 reasons to use Photo-Pick for your website

There are websites where images are not so important, where the main thing is text. And there are websites where users have to have the opportunity to view separate photos and photos gathered in photo albums. Photo-Pick is an excellent tool for integrating photos and photo albums into your own website. And in this, the user will not know that the photos are placed on another resource.

This approach has a lot of advantages, here we will look at some of them.

1. More hosting space

The place on the hosting is usually limited and costs money. Text files (such as html) take up little space, but images require more disk space. Just create a photo album in Photo-Pick account and place a link (or linked image to it) on the website in order to save more disk space on the hosting.

2. More space in a version control system

A version control system can be used for the website. Images will also take up a significant amount of space. Moreover, it will take additional time and traffic to download these images every time if a local copy of the website is created. Photo-Pick will solve it: just keep only the links of the photo albums in the version control system.

3. The best sizes of images for the web

Usually, you need to adjust to the optimal size for the web if you use images on the website. By the way, here is an article how to figure out the best sizes. Photo-Pick makes the optimal size of your images automatically. You just upload images and they will have better dimensions for the viewing of all kind of devices.

4. Adapted for different kinds of devices

Whether it's a monitor, tablet or mobile device, the images will look adapted and the navigation will be convenient for each of them. The user will be able to view, flip and zoom images in a convenient way.

5. Statistics about views

Using Photo-Pick you get a powerful statistics tool and have exact knowledge of when, where and how many times your photo albums were viewed.

6. Reuse of photo albums

You can use integrated into website photo album in other places and for other purposes. A link to it can also be shared on social media or shared in one of your favorite communicators.

7. It's simple and fast

You do not need to write your code or add additional libraries for your website. To add a photo album to a website can even a person who has a basic knowledge of HTML. All you need is to create a photo album, create and copy a link to it and paste the text with link into the HTML page. (How to use photo albums for a website)

And as an example, an integration of photo album of Photo-Pick user:

Example of Photo-Pick integration