Create an album and get the share links

First, upload photos by clicking Create Album button:

Create Album

Please wait until all photos are loaded.

Now you can open the album and customize it as you wish. Fill free to play with settings to find your best preferences. It will be saved after triggering Done button. By clicking on preview button you'll see how it is presented for other people.

Album Preferences

Now close the album and create a link if you want to share the album by means of links. Trigger Create Link button. The link dialog offers different types of links:
Link, if you are going to share the link with many persons and need to know, who picked the photos.
Link, if you know the person and/or don't want to ask name and contact information.
Link, if you want to redirect a person to the previous page(can be useful for a website or social network).
Link, if you need to redirect a person to the certain web content(it also useful for a website or social network)
Note, you can use all links for each album at the same time.

Links possibilities

Now you can copy the link manually or by triggering the button "Copy link to clipboard", and paste it to any communication tool you use.