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Photo album preferences

The album preferences can be used in order to provide a different kind of album information and presentation. Here can be defined image pick type, count of picking, page numeration, image name and can be given the ability to download photos for an invited person.

Album Preferences

Now let's look at each item of album preferences. First, one image pick type can be selected. It depends on the current situation and personal preferences of an author of photos. For example, if the author of album wants a user to select photos in order to print them, image prick type 'Print' can be used.
The 'Show likes count' must be selected if the author of album wants to show the total count of likes for each image.

Different types of image pick types

'Show image numeration' is for the numbers of a current image and the total amount of images: x/y.

'Show image name' - whether to show names of images. TIP: the image can be used as a description of your image. For example, name your image like 'My lovely dog' and you don't need to comment it in case of usage of a photo album as a photo story.

If an author of album wants to allow to download it, 'Show download button' must be selected. It will be presented in the album header, left from 'Done' button.