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Online photo album preferences

The album preferences can be used in order to provide a different kind of album information and presentation. Here can be defined album theme, image pick type, count of picking, page numeration, image name, the ability to download photos for an invited person and property if the album allowed to be indexed by search engines.

Album Preferences

Now let's look at each item of album preferences.


Each album can have own theme: background image and style colors. The themes amount is increased periodically.

Image pick type

The image pick type can be selected for each album. It depends on the current situation and personal preferences of the author of photos. For example, if the author of the album wants a user to select photos in order to print them, image prick type 'Print' can be used. For more details see photo album like (pick) types.

Likes count

The 'Show likes count' must be selected if the author of the album wants to show the total count of likes for each image.

Image numeration

'Show image numeration' is to show info about the numbers of a current image and the total amount of images in format x/y (x: current image number, y: the total amount of album images).

Image name

'Show image name' - whether to show names of images. TIP: the image can be used as a description of your image. For example, name your image like 'My lovely dog' and you don't need to comment it in case of usage of a photo album as a photo story.


The option 'Sort images by' allows to sort all images of the online photo album by name or by creation date. One image can be moved to the desired position on the image details level.

Download & Share

If an author of album wants to allow to download or share it, 'Allow download & share' must be selected. It will be presented in the album header (left from 'Done' button) and for each image (click image, right upper corner).


The option 'Allow fullscreen' gives the ability to show the fullscreen button on the image details page. The image details page appears if a user clicks on an image of an album.

Search engines indexing

For PRO users, it is possible to allow the online photo album to be indexed by search engines (for example, Google, Bing and others). This option is available if the album has a link, otherwise the album will not be visible outside of the Photo-Pick application.